Culture Training


Culture training is something Owlish Consulting was based on. Even though technology has brought us globalization and business expansion in ways we couldn’t have imagined, it has also revealed the cultural differences around the world. These differences are beautiful but also difficult when business is in question. That is why Owlish Consulting created a culture training which focuses on training your outsourced team in order to better serve your clientele and match with your existing in-house teams.

The training is based on your company’s culture, vision, language and internal expectations. We take all of the important factors into consideration and train an outsourced team to be more connected to the company.

Our Course Outline:

– Introduction to the company, hierarchy, teams

– Explanation of company culture and values

– Introduction to operational processes and expectations

– Learning about internal communication and channels

– Introduction to the clientele and the target market

– Learning culturally based communication skills (written and oral)

– One on one training with our trainers

– Peer and trainer feedback

– Overview of week one

– Overview and and further communication on company culture and values

– Overview and further communication on processes and expectations

– Call Practice (Peer Practice) and Feedback

– Call Practice (Trainer Practice) and Feedback

– Actual Calls to Clientele Supervised by Trainers

– Peer and Trainer Feedback

– Final Overview

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