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WELCOME TO Owlish Consulting

“We understand every coin has two sides and that these two sides of the coin are completely different, yet matched perfectly to produce something greater. That is why we believe in using traditional techniques with a modern twist; in order to connect the best of both worlds into a coin we call Owlish Consulting.

Our teams are a combination of millennial energy, creativity, innovation and traditional business ethics, experience and knowledge. Owlish Consulting consists of five internal and additional external consultants who have years of experience in sales, client relations and management; three of the most important aspects of any business today.

Additionally, we have experience in HR, Operational Management, Processes, Technology, Digital Marketing and Training which all gives us the ability to work in multiple industries from startups to enterprises.”

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Our Mission

Owlish Consulting’s mission is to support globalization by providing tools and knowledge to both existing and new businesses around the globe.

Our Vission

Owlish Consulting’s vision is simple; bringing the best of both worlds to organizations:
tradition and modern leadership.



Study the problem and general materials to find out creative concepts.


Quickly translate the visions into reality and patent possible approaches.


Release approaches out into the world, submit it to criticism & adaptation.

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